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Are you looking for the ring only?  Do you already have a Tamer front holeshot device button and you switched brands and you only need to purchase the ring, this is the correct place.


    •  Part Number – Each ring is machined with the ring part number into the top surface making it very easy to identify which models of bike the ring will fit. This is great when switching brands.
    • Flexibility – Our ring is machined of billet 6061-T6 aluminum. This allows you to flex the ring around the fork leg without removing the fork during installation. No need for the unreliability of a hinged ring. (Patent pending)
    • Wear Detection System (WDS) – The face of the ring wears against the fork guard. As it does the wear detection bars will increase in size and the V-groove will decrease in size. Once the V-groove is gone, you know it is time to replace the ring. (Patent pending)
    • Latching Groove – The Tamer latching groove is 3/4” to 1” wide ensuring engagement every time you latch your starting device. No alignment issues, no keyways to get stuck or filled with sand, just a 100% sure way your device is going to latch. You can do it with your eyes closed.
    • Debris Slot –The debris slot is an opening in the latching groove to the bottom of the World. This slot allows water, sand, small dirt, mud, etc. to escape out of the Latching groove to ensure a 100% latching experience each time. (Patent pending)
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