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Tamer is a small manufacturing business that has been in the moto industry since 2001. We build starting devices, front devices and rear devices, for your dirt bike and that is all we do.  This company is 100% supported by the product that our company owner, Kevin Maret, invented and patented. 

We don’t build anything else in our facility, we didn’t start out building anything else, we simple build the Tamer line of starting devices.  We are located in Lincoln, Nebraska, smack dab in the middle of the USA.  We machine our product line using Haas equipment that is also made in the USA. 

nick maret

So, rest assured, when you choose to spend your hard earned money on a Tamer starting device, whether it is a front or rear system, the Tamer product is manufactured, assembled and shipped 100% in Lincoln, Nebraska USA by hard working Americans and has been that way since the day we started 22 years ago.

100% American Made For Over 25 Years

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