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The fully reimagined Double Button device brings unrivaled performance and reliability straight to you. The rigid spring design pushes all dirt and debris out of the plunger without any worries of a magnet not being strong enough. The spring design is the pinnacle of starting devices and is why so many brands like Pro Taper license it through us today.  The Double Button Device for 2024 is thicker and stronger, making the plungers and base last longer. With two options on our Double Button device, you can be reassured that you will have the best shot at the holeshot no matter the conditions. The new WDS 2.0 ring also offers unmatched reliability with our patented large groove and WDS 2.0 (Wear Detection System).


Tamer uses a large latching groove, unlike the hook or keyway style, that ensures that there will be no issues with alignment, ensuring that the device will always release. The WDS 2.0 technology allows you to know exactly when it is time to get a new ring, not when it catches the washers on the back side of your fork guard and rips your button off, and makes sure that you are saving as much money as possible. The spring design provides the strongest and most consistent latching method, guaranteeing it will latch and release every time.

The bottom line is that we know our design is the best, and so does every other company that produces one and has tried to copy it. Oscar Wilde once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”. We say thank you to the competition. TAMER HAS BEEN AROUND FOR OVER 25 YEARS AND TO THIS DAY, WE ARE STILL THE ONLY COMPANY THAT IS 100% COMMITTED TO THE INNOVATION OF STARTING DEVICES.


This isn’t just another product for us; the starting device is our company, and the starting device is our expertise. 


Why SETTLE for mediocre designs trying to get around our patent when you can choose the best?


Choose the company that is constantly innovating and not just recycling the same product year after year. Choose Tamer, the original starting device.

GasGas Double Button Device- COMPLETE

      • The double button design offered only by us is the pinnacle of holeshot performance. The top button can be engaged for concrete, muddy, or dry slick starts, and is used about 30% of the time. The bottom button is used when the starting line has enough traction and is used about 70% of the time. Not only do both options provide the perfect choices at the line, but it also spreads out the load on the fork guard and adds another screw making it more secure.
      • The face on our plunger is bullnose shaped. This keeps the plunger from gouging and scraping your expensive fork tubes. (Patent pending).
      • Security? What? Yeah, we know. We see these things laying all over the track because they get ripped out of the fork guard. It happens to all brands, but at Tamer, we have minimized that. We use the X-wing (Patent pending). The X-wing adds two additional screws for security, BUT….it places those screws in another plane allowing the load to be spread out on the plastic fork guard.
      • A spring provides the strongest, most consistent, guaranteed action in the sand, dirt, mud, water, or any other condition you throw at it, and that is why we use it. We guarantee the release of your button, and that is exactly the way it was designed, and that is exactly the way it works, period. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.
      • So simple to rebuild. A 3mm and 4mm Allen wrench and this thing is apart in a heartbeat.
      • With our latching face, the wear is minimal. And when they wear does become a concern, simply spin your ring on the fork leg slightly and like magic, you have a new latching face. (Patent pending)
      • The face of the ring wears against the fork guard. As it does, the wear detection bars will increase in size and the V-groove will decrease in size. Once the V-groove is gone, you know it is time to replace the ring.
      • The debris slot is an opening in the latching groove to the bottom of the World. This slot allows water, sand, small dirt, mud, etc. to escape out of the Latching groove to ensure a 100% latching experience each time.
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