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New For 2023

Tamer is the only company 100% committed to the development and production of starting devices. Starting devices are our only objective and we are the sole patent holder of the best design on the market. We strive for perfection in all of our products and everything is done in-house in the USA for perfect quality checking every time. We bring the small business work ethic and quality to all of our products.

New Button For 2023

  • Thicker base for stronger durability

  • Stronger X-Wing design

Check out our button features tab for all of the features our button offers.

New Ring For 2023

A lot has changed with our ring for 2023 making it the most innovative ring on the market. Check out the ring features tab on our website.

  • Debris slot added - Don't spray your self in the face with the pressure washer anymore .

  • Wear Detection System (WDS) - Now you can tell when it is time to replace your ring when the two grooves on the front wear all the way down. This also adds more durability making the ring longer lasting

  • Larger latching groove

New Install Kit

Always have the right tools to install your device.

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