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Tamer’s Rear Holeshot Device is the perfect addition to the front Holeshot Device for the ultimate holeshot. Accompanied by the front device, the rear device completely immobilizes the suspension, making the bike rigid for the start. This ensures that all power and energy are transferred to move the bike forward, so there is no energy loss in the suspension as in a bike without a rear starting device. This concept works excellently in all conditions, from dry slick to tacky to concrete to metal grates.


Why SETTLE for mediocre designs trying to get around our patent when you can choose the best?


Choose the company that is constantly innovating and not just recycling the same product year after year. Choose Tamer, the original starting device.


How It Works:

The Tamer Rear Holeshot Hookup works in 2 stages.

STAGE 1 - When you are ready to start, hold the front brake, apply the throttle and let out the clutch until it begins to engage or “chatter”. Without a rear device, the rear of the bike raises up during this time, and when you leave the gate, the rear has to settle back down, and this absorbs energy from the motor that could be going toward forward motion. With the Tamer rear Holeshot Hookup, the rear of the bike is not allowed to raise up during take-off, ensuring that all energy produced by the engine is transferred to a forward motion. This equals 3 to 4 tenths of a second.

STAGE 2 - Without the device, the rear of the bike has raised up, you dump the clutch to take off and the rear shock settles down. By doing this, you preload the rear shock, and when the rear tire makes contact with the gate, the shock rebounds, and the rear tire loses traction with the ground. With the Tamer Holeshot Hookup installed, the bike is already settled down, and when the rear tire makes contact with the start gate, it releases the latching system and drives the rear tire into the ground without losing any traction. This can equal 4 to 5 tenths of a second.


KTM Rear Starting Device

  • Features:

    • PATENTED REAR HOLESHOT DEVICEWe are the only company that produces a rear starting device because we have the patent.


    • 1 QTY – Rear Base Complete
    • 1 QTY – Aluminum Backer Plate
    • 2 QTY – Stainless Steel Backer Plate Bolts
    • 2 QTY – Stainless Steel Locking Bolts
    • 2 QTY - Stainless Steel Lock Nuts
    • 1 QTY – Aluminum Latch Plate
    • Instruction card with a link to detailed mounting instructions and instruction videos.
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