The Tamer Single button front Holeshot Hookup system features all the same qualities of the Double button system without the settings choices but at a lower cost. Setting choices are important, but so are finances, so pick your favorite, do you want to have choices when you show up to the line against Johnny Rocket or do you want to keep some cash in your pocket and go with the simplest, best designed, most dependable, lowest cost single button system available today, the Tamer Single Button Holeshot Hookup Device.


This is the complete system including the Single button, the fork ring, the drill template for button placement on fork guards and all assembly screws needed.


Remember, the Tamer Holeshot Hookup is legal in all Amateur National stock (Limited) classes, so no excuses, every racer should use a starting device, so give yourself the advantage over your competition with the best, the Tamer Single button front Holeshot Hookup system.

4 Stroke Single Button Holeshot Device

Color: Black Only