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NEW FOR 2023

Even though we are the inventor and current patent holder of both the front and rear device, we still pride ourselves on being the most innovative starting device on the market. Tamer already reigns superior as the most durable and efficient starting device on the market. Thus why our customer service and warranty's are unrivaled. We are at every amateur national providing support and getting feedback on how we can make the greatest starting device on the market even better. We've done just that along with a few new features of our own. Take a look below.


Perhaps one of the biggest things that we ran into at these amateur national races is that a lot of people were buying new rings for their bikes and throwing out the old. However, the ring that was thrown out was in good enough condition to continue using it. Tamer is the only starting device on the market (because we have the patent) that use a large surface area groove on the ring for latching. This meaning that after one spot wears out, the ring can be simply rotated slightly to provide a brand new latching area for the button. This also means that you do not have to meticulously line the button up perfectly with the ring in order for it to latch. (You know which one we're talking about) Of course there's still the issue with the fork guard rubbing against the outer edge of the ring. Well worry no longer as the Tamer WDS solves that issue by putting a small groove in the front of the ring and also beefing it up for longer lasting durability. The reason why we call this the Wear Detection System is because once the fork guard wears through the newly beefed up ring and down to the groove, then it is time to get a new ring. This takes the guess work out of deciding when to replace your ring.



The wait is over as the patented X-Wing system found on our double devices has finally been added to all of our single device. Here at Tamer, we are focused on making sure that the customer is always taken care of and is supplied with the best product on the market. Although we replace anyone's device at a race if it is somehow ripped off of the fork guard, we still strive for 100% reliability and our single only having two screws (like everyone elses device who copied us that also doesn't offer a double) was not up to the level of quality expected at Tamer. There is a reason why we patented this specific design and it is because the     X-Wing provides the best load dispersion across the fork guard making it stronger and able to stay on the fork guard without ripping out. With four screws now holding the device on and the new Tamer WDS, we have never had a more reliable product. Pair that with the patented spring and plunger design and its a no brainer why you should choose Tamer.

Reliability, functionality, and performance are our three categories that we will continue to strive towards making even better.

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